• Will We See Dolphins?

    We see dolphins most of the time. Since they are in the wild, we can’t always guarantee it, but we work hard and have lots of fun event trying to get them to ride along with us.
  • How Many People Do The Boats Hold?

    ParrotDise Express holds 35 passengers and the ParrotDise II holds 20
  • Where Is The Best Place To Sit To See Dolphins?

    Anywhere on the boat can be the best spot. We never know where the dolphins will show up.
  • What Do You Offer To Eat?

    We don’t offer anything on our regular cruises. Some special events include snacks. We encourage you to bring whatever you would like to eat or drink. Though we do supply drinks.
  • Is There A Restroom On Board?

    Yes, though it is below deck and has steep access, so is not handicap accessible.
  • How Long Is The Trip

    Approximately 2 1/2 Hours
  • Can We Rent The Whole Boat?

    Yes! Just contact us for more information
  • What If It Rains

    We will re-book you on the next available trip of your choice.
  • What If We Need To Cancel

    We can refund or re-book you if you cancel more thanĀ 24 hours beforeĀ the trip.
  • Does It Get Cool at Night

    Yes, so remember to bring a jacket. When the boat gets moving it can feel a bit cool on cooler evenings.